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Making Camp

The Berean Foundation believes that every
kid deserves amazing memories.

We make camp happen.


Making Family

The Berean Foundation believes that money
shouldn’t keep love from growing.

We make adoption happen.

Women Friendship Teaching Studying Togetherness Concept

Making Futures Happen

The Berean Foundation believes that people
should know they can change the world.

We make education happen.

Get Involved…because people deserve hope

Get Involved and Give

Since 2005, the Berean Foundation has passionately worked to advance Christian ministries, providing ongoing, long-term financial support. We are building families and homes. We are making memories and building futures. We are making things happen in the lives of people in the Twin Cities and around the world.

And we are doing it all because of the people who partner with us.



Legacy Giving

Designate a gift through your final will…and leave a legacy that will last for years to come

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Memorial Giving

Recognize those you’ve lost by contributing to a cause that matters.

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Gifts & Contributions

Celebrate, honor, or recognize someone by giving a gift of any amount to the Berean Foundation.

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Hopes that are Happening

"Having the Berean Foundation support us is helping bring another orphan home."

A Berean Foundation Adoption Family

"The Berean Foundation has given many single mothers a chance to send their sons to camp; giving their sons the chance to experience male leadership that they otherwise would not be able to experience in their lives."

Chad Hanson
Camp Nathanael

"The Berean Foundation is a chance for someone to make a long-term and lasting difference."

Jesse - Berean Foundation Staff

Internships give future ministry leaders the training and perspective they need to truly learn what it means to lead. They prepare. They speak. They lead. They serve. And they are trained at each step. It truly is an amazing way to prepare leaders for a life of serving. 

Church Ministry Leadership



You have a part to play.


Hopes that Happen

The Work We Do